The Conscious Change Agent Mentor Program
This one-of-a-kind 12-week hands-on mentor program specifically designed to help conscious change agents succeed. This one-of-a-kind mentor program will provide you ADVANCED TRAINING, FOCUS, SUPPORT and GUIDANCE every week for 12 weeks as you tap into your purpose, leverage your gifts, increase your right livelihood, attract resources, and amplify the positive impact you are able to have in the world as a conscious change agent! 
The Conscious Change Agent Mentor Program provides an ideal environment for you to analyze your current situation, determine exactly what is needed to attract the resources you need (including financial), to achieve your vision and mission as a conscious change agent. And this is a rare chance to receive mentorship from someone who has been a successful conscious change agent for years and has mentored hundreds of others as well!

This program is for you if you:

  • Are a coach, consultant or professional who wants to have a greater positive impact and make more money doing so
  • Are writer, teacher or facilitator who wants to reach more people with your message and be more successful inspiring change in the people you help
  • Are a healer or spiritual counselor or guide who wants to earn more right livelihood from the gifts you bring to your clients 
  • Have an existing conscious venture (or project) and want to grow it faster
  • Have an idea for a new conscious venture (or project) and would like to successfully incubate the concept, create a business plan (or launch plan) and get help with starting it up
  • Feel called to be a high-impact conscious change agent but realize you could use some help clarifying your model and sharpening your skills
  • Know that you are a part of this movement and want to contribute but need help clarifying how you can bring your gifts to the movement and the marketplace in a way that can be financially sustainable

"I've appreciated not only the wealth of thorough information I've received, but also the opportunity to be supported through it step-by-step by both Brett and another coach on an additional weekly call. I have already seen results in the growth of my business, having landed the contract I'd been dreaming of for years, and gaining greater confidence to lean into new spaces."

- Tamara Staton, Leadership and Teamwork Coach specializing in Sustainability Organizations 

"As a result of your program, I have never felt so confident that I can turn my passion into a sustainable venture. I seriously appreciate all you're doing Brett and look forward to continue working with you and your great team."

- Stephen Schettini, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Coach

This program will help you if you want to:

  • Increase your right livelihood (earn more income by giving your gifts)
  • Start a new conscious venture or project, or accelerate the growth of an existing venture 
  • Create or improve the business model / economic model for your conscious venture so that you can achieve sustainable income and growth
  • Clarify exactly who your ideal tribe is, their needs, and determine precisely what kind of help you can provide them (and generate income doing it)
  • Enhance or create new "compelling offers" (services, programs, packages, content, etc) that you can offer to your growing tribe that are super easy for them to say yes to
  • Expand your work as a conscious change agent by offering new programs and services geared toward working with larger groups so that you can both reach and help more people and you can earn more income in the process
  • Upgrade your message, your advocacy and even your specific website so that you can engage and connect deeply with the people you help (and attract new people)
  • Leverage cutting-edge online marketing strategies and tactics to find and connect with more clients and customers for your venture. Learn the best ways to use: social media, webinars, a blog, newsletter and email marketing 
  • Become an advocate and get your message out to the world while positioning yourself as a subject matter expert in your field, boosting your credibility 
  • Be able to make a greater positive impact as a conscious change agent while also earning an ever-growing income as a reward for the gifts you bring  
  • Sharpen your conscious teamwork and conscious leadership skills to be better and recruiting, enrolling, inspiring, supporting and guiding team members
  • Be able to recognize different mindsets of your stakeholders and quickly translate your message into the values dialect of your audience so that you can connect with them more deeply and so that your message can be heard and is more likely to be resonant with the people you want to help

"Your program has been invaluable in birthing my new iteration of my work in the world. The experience it provides of authentic relating is deeply soul-filling. There is no amount of money or success in the world as meaningful as that of being understood and accepted for where you are in consciousness and the chance to supported in being one's authentic self. Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you are doing in the world."

- Wendy Foxworth, Conscious Relationship Teacher and Coach

12-Week Mentor Program Details
This special one-of-a-kind program involves self-paced and live learning and mentoring. A new high-impact, video learning module is introduced every two weeks along with a new toolkit to help you implement the strategies and tactics taught in that module. Brett facilitates live mentor calls / coaching calls where you can ask questions and he will clarify key concepts, adding nuanced examples and inspirational real-life examples from their experience. These live calls are an opportunity to receive personalized coaching.  
Powerfully Live Your Purpose as a Successful Conscious Change Agent
Module One Benefits
  • Clarify and differentiate your gifts, passions and contribution to find the ultimate sweet spot where you can maximize flow while also maximizing positive impact
  • Explore the specific and best ways that your gifts can meet the needs of your tribe, the movement and the marketplace so that you can be financially rewarded for your contribution
  • Reflect deeply on why you want to help people and how you want to help them. Use this inspiration to surface and articulate your "authentic story" and your message. You will then organically extract the story behind your personal and professional path, one that is completely authentic and attractive to your growing tribe of followers and customers
  • Get crystal clear on who your tribe is, who you are an advocate for, and who your stakeholders are. This of course includes clients or customers for your conscious venture. You will figure out their psychographics and their demographics so that you will know exactly where you can find your ideal clients and connect with them. 
  • Deeply explore the core needs, problems and desires of the people you serve. This is the foundation for the conscious marketing efforts you will use to grow your tribe and your positive impact.
   Module One Training Topics
Higher Purpose Process
Clarify your life purpose and calling, and the purpose of your business venture by closely examining gifts, passions and contribution and explore how they intersect and inform one-another using a powerful venn diagram process.
Your Authentic Story
Deepen your understanding of the role that trust plays in being a conscious change agent and how an “authentic story” can make your offers more compelling which will support your goal of accelerating growth. Use a specific framework to articulate the first draft of your authentic story. Connect with fellow members and discuss your progress with creating compelling offers. 
Clarifying the Core Needs of the People You Serve

This lesson helps you clarify the needs problems of the people that you help. Learn a methodology to clarify these core needs so that your change agent activities  are more compelling as a crucial foundation for bringing your work into the world successfully.

A Few Examples of Module One Tools

Client Core Problems Tool

Ideal Customer Profiles Worksheets

Customer Marketplace Alternative

"Brett's program has helped me get clear on my purpose and passion and the gift I want to bring to the world. I already see the relationship funnel working extremely well--people are being attracted to me. This program has really been life changing. I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for my life and my coaching business."

- Chris Alder, Integral Coach

"I can't tell you how much I really enjoy and appreciate what Brett and his team have done. I think just the fact that you have taken much of what is out there, synthesized it and put it in one place is a tremendous resource."

- Chris Jones, Business Broker and Consultant

Leverage Advocacy and Conscious Marketing to Prosperously Grow Your Tribe
Module Two Benefits
  • Learn exactly how "advocacy" can be intelligently woven together with marketing messages 
  • Select from a growing array of new marketing channels available, and pick the perfect ones to use to find and connect with the people that you want to help
  • Evaluate and upgrade your current marketing methods and learn new strategies and tactics that leveraging the latest best practices and what's actually working in the field (and easiest to implement based on your specific situation and aptitudes)
  • Use our cutting-edge tools to create your own customized "Content Marketing Plan" that you can use to get your positive message out to thousands of people while simultaneously positioning you as a subject-matter expert in your field
  • We will help you create the optimum mix of free offers, low-ticket and high-ticket offers that fits the stage of your project/venture and your personality type and preferences. Your offers packages, and your enrollment process, will be fully aligned with your values
Module Two Training Topics
Your Conscious Marketing Strategy
Gain an inspiring new perspective on marketing that is authentic and empowering, not salesy, hypey, or manipulative. Learn the two key principles for making and implementing your super compelling offers and how to design and optimize a “Relationship Funnel” that enhances your long-term relationship with your clients while boosting your income.  
Finding and Attracting Ideal Clients
To grow your conscious venture (or project) you will need to create a strategy to attract more ideal customers (and or supporters). This is a pre-requisite for creating an expanded set of compelling offers, relationship funnels, and successful conscious marketing campaigns essential for rapid practice growth (and income growth). 
Evaluating and Selecting the Optimum Connection Channels for You
In this lesson you will explore the various marketing channels available to you and select the ones that your ideal clients are most likely to be found in and that you are most likely to be successful with based on your strengths as a coach, advocate and marketer. We will look at webinars, LinkedIn, Facebook, email marketing, affiliate programs and many more. 
Compelling Offer Blueprint
This lesson goes deep into specific methods to achieve maximum “fit” between your customers’ needs and your product/service offerings so that you can quickly grow your customer base. We draw inspiration from the latest best practices in the field of “value proposition design” while simplifying the process. You will learn how to apply two key principles for making your offers more compelling (relevance and resonance). When each of your offers in your marketing funnel are more compelling, this increases the "yes rates" (conversion rates) at ever level of client interaction, driving marketing costs down and your income up!
Your Strategic Advocacy Game Plan
Create a well-crafted plan for your strategic advocacy that includes your core message themes, your main topics and messages and integrates them with your offers (free offers and introductory offers) that attract followers and customers (for your venture)
A Few Examples of Module Two Tools
Strategic Advocacy worksheets
Content Marketing Planning Tool
Message Brainstorming Tool
Attracting Ideal Clients Worksheets
Channel Selection Tool
"Thank you so much for creating and running the this program. Your work is not only inspiring, clarifying and deeply supportive for our own business, it also helps us mentor consciouspreneurs in German speaking countries. Thanks a million for boiling down comprehensive leading-edge conscious business knowledge to crystal clear development sessions for small businesses and for providing the chance to connect with changemakers from all over the globe! Studying with the Conscious Business Coalition for only half a year helped us keep balance and strength at the threshold of simultaneously serving our existing customers and developing solutions for a new group of people. Learning from you, how to focus on and prioritize leverage projects while going through our shift phase, choosing well among numerous attractive arising opportunities, was one of the most rewarding learning experiences in years." 

- Ulrike Haiden, Integral Coach and Conscious Business Trainer

"I just want to share my overflowing gratitude and appreciation. I have a whole new outlook on business and can embrace it fully with a light and loving heart. I leave our calls feeling so inspired and empowered, and can see how you are helping so many others as well. I value your wisdom so much. Thank you a million times! xoxoxo"

- Acacia Land, Intuitive Counselor, Coach and Heart Math Facilitator

Integral Productivity: Get More Done, 
Have More Fun
Module Three Benefits
  • Learn how you can have more effectiveness and flow in your work by utilizing cutting-edge time and attention management methods Brett has taught to hundreds of change agents
  • Prioritize all of your projects and activities based upon how much leverage and benefit they will bring you (weighed against how much effort they will require)
  • Learn the most essential project management and time management principles that all successful "highly productive people" utilize and customize your own personalized project management and time management system to suit your style and preferences  
  • Learn a specific tactic to minimize distractions and how to establish boundaries that protect your productive / focused time
  • Implement a process that will help you set clear goals for each quarter, month and week and track your progress
  • Evaluate your best working style, the natural flow of energy and focus during the day, and create weekly routines to empower you to do your best work, get the most important things done each week, and have more fun in the process
Module Three Training Topics
Getting and Staying Organized for Maximum Productivity 
In this lesson we will explore the most helpful principles from organization and time management gurus such as David Allen, Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins and more. We synthesize the key principles and practices into easy to implement practices and we provide you helpful tools to make it all easy and fun! 
Prioritization for Maximum Leverage and Effectiveness
In this lesson you will learn a powerful method (and a new tool) to prioritize your projects and your efforts so that you can achieve maximum results from all the efforts you put in toward your conscious ventures and projects. This one tool alone can save you several hours a week!
Project Management for Conscious Change Agents
Use cutting-edge project management strategies to get more done each month and each week toward your most important goals. We will help you customize the application of these methods using a variety of available tools that suit your style and preferences. 
A Few Examples of Module Three Tools
Strategic Goal Planning Tools
Prioritization Worksheets
Weekly Planning Tools
Utilize Advanced Leadership and Teamwork Skills to Inspire, Motivate and Guide Your Tribe
Module Four Benefits
  • Learn how to use value systems and worldviews to quickly understand what motivates each person you interact with
  • Craft your advocacy and leadership messages to be resonant with your team
  • Apply advanced teamwork methods to keep your team mates engaged, motivated and productive
  • Learn how to how to motivate and inspire the people in your tribe to take action!
  • Benefit from leadership training and coaching from a world-renown expert on leadership who has trained hundreds of CEOs, leaders and change agents!
Module Four Training Topics
Mastering the Leadership Rosetta Stone
Receive "direct transmission" on the unifying theory and practice of leadership from one of the world's most respected experts on leadership theory and practice! In this lesson, Brett will teach you the core principles and some astonishing nuance about how leadership can be leveraged to motivate, inspire and influence your team mates, partners, colleagues, customers and followers. 
Recognizing People's Worldviews and Using the Correct Values Dialects
Learn how to use worldviews to understand everyone in your life and be able to be optimally helpful with your teams and in your leadership. This single model has more explanatory value than just about any psychological model in existence. Brett will show you the same methods that he has taught thousands of people who have described this understanding and truly life transforming. 
Integral Psychology Primer
There is much confusion about developmental and integral psychology, yet these frameworks provide clarity that cuts through the confusion of why the world is as messed up as it is, how people think and why they are motivated the way they are (including being so easily brainwashed by the patriarchy and corporate interests) and exactly what we can actually do about it as conscious change agents! 
A Few Examples of Module Four Tools
Leadership Assessment Tool
Translation / Communication Tools

I have had the opportunity to work with Brett and his team for a while. Brett is one of the best conscious coaches I have ever met. Heartfully generous, kind and provocative, transformational and very practical. His integral way of seeing the world and teaching is invaluable. I highly recommend this program... you will not be disappointed.

- Gilles Brouillette, Ph.D., President of the Transformational Learning Institute, Director of the Conscious and Transformational Leadership Program 

Cultivate Conscious Success and Multiply Your Income
Module Five Benefits
  • You will gain confidence in your ability to earn higher income as you create more value for your tribe
  • Apply sustainable economics to make sure that your venture is successful
  • Learn about some of the best strategies that fast growth of conscious ventures  
  • We will explore the economics (financial side) of your project and find ways to become more financially sustainable, and scaleable  
  • Explore your "money psychology" to get at the root of any limitations in your earning potential
  • You will have the opportunity to get "laser coaching " directly from Brett to help you make important shifts in your mindset that will allow you to more quickly manifest success 
Module Five Training Topics
Money Psychology
In this lesson, we dig deep into the perspectives, assumptions, and beliefs around money and give very powerful frames and mindset shifting techniques to help us achieve a prosperity mindset. Brett and his team have years of experience doing this work and they will show you the fastest shortcuts to get your "money psychology" tuned up and dialed in for maximum conscious success!
Integral Manifestation
In this training, we explore the nature and dynamics of manifestation, and how to accelerate the process. We explore the thinking, behavior, systems and relationship orientation and practices that can accelerate your ability to manifest success in all four "integral quadrants."  
Optimizing Your Economics So You Can Invest Into Having Greater Impact
The economic (financial) dimension of business is often overlooked or underemphasized with conscious change agents. In this lesson, you will get inspired about this topic that is sometimes experienced as dull or off-putting. You will realize that healthy economics can provide the life blood of your growing conscious venture, and that there are several easy things you can do to quickly enhance  your "financial health" and prosperity. 
A Few Examples of Module Five Tools
Conscious Venture  Growth Roadmap
90-Day Income Map

"The combination of the curriculum, teaching style, and collaborative workgroups really created a "Get It Done" energy that carried me forward wonderfully as I have transitioned into a new phase of my business' growth. This program provided an ideal container, and I loved and beneffited from my participation. Highly recommended."

- Steve Raymond, Integral Coach

Your Platform for Positive Impact
Module Six Benefits
  • Learn exactly what elements you need — at your current stage of your conscious venture — to be able to find, connect, enroll, service and stay in touch with your audience and your client base
  • Use our Platform for Positive Impact Blueprint to think through which elements you need this year and explore all the options that are available to you with Brett and his staff's mentorship and guidance
  • Select 1-2 components of your Platform for Positive Impact to build out (or expand) and get help every step along the way from Brett and his staff of experts
  • You will be able to automate many aspects of your marketing (newsletters, webinars, free offers, interest list building, follow up) so that you can spend more time doing what you love and less time marketing while still earning a prosperous income that is continually growing month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, and year-to-year!
  • We will explore the economics (financial side) of your venture and find ways to become more financially sustainable, and scaleable  
  • Explore high-leverage, fast-growth strategies other conscious ventures are using such as designing "New Customer Onramps" and "Self-Funding Advertising Campaigns" that can continuously grow your audience and client base on autopilot
  • You will gain confidence knowing that you have a solid plan to strengthen your business and enjoy increasing prosperity as you scale up your “Platform for Positive Impact”
Module Six Training Topics
Designing and Evolving Your Platform for Positive Impact
Building a platform for you to bring your gifts into the world (in an efficient and scalable way) is one of the most important things you can do and also something that people struggle with the most. This training will help evaluate your platform needs, technology options, and create your own customized platform blueprint for your business! 
Empowering Technology and Tools
This takes explores all of the key technologies you need to have a fully operational platform for positive impact, and/or take your existing platform to the next level. We review each and provide specific guidelines and recommendations. Email marketing platforms, business automation, video marketing, podcasting, and more.
Optimizing Your Economics So You Can Invest Into Having Greater Impact
The economic (financial) dimension of conscious venture is often overlooked or underemphasized with conscious change agents. In this lesson, you will get inspired about this topic that is sometimes experienced as dull or off-putting. You will realize that healthy economics can provide the life blood of your growing coaching practice, and that there are several easy things you can do to quickly enhance  your "financial health" and prosperity. 
Designing New Customer Onramps to Grow Your Income Quickly
Expanding your client base is one of the fastest ways to grow a conscious venture.  In fact, all growing businesses must have a reliable, scaleable way to establish new customer/supporter relationships at "break-even or better." This means that the new clients that come on board each month pay for all of the marketing costs to attract them (that is what is meant by "break even." This module offers specific strategies and tactics, along with implementation plans and tools to design “nested compelling offers” and link to your “Self-Funding Advertising” campaign. This New Customer Onramp Strategy is one of the most effective growth accelerators change agents can deploy to grow their practices very quickly and consistently month over month! 
A Few Examples of Module Six Tools
Platform for Positive Impact Blueprint
Empowering Tech & Tools Guide

"Brett's program has been invaluable. I learned what I didn't know and needed to look into. I got instant feedback from the facilitators and others as to the best choices for outsourcing, technology, hosting, etc. A huge blessing because each investigation could have taken me days and still have been a gamble. I used many of the excellent materials offered to us to structure my thinking around the business and really drill down into what was important. The information provided was amazing and the personal coaching very focused. Overall, it was an enormous time saver and confidence builder."

- Lynn Royster, PhD., Integral Consultant and Coach
TRAINING - Anytime Access to our interactive learning portal that contains 1-3 self-paced video lessons for each of the six modules in the program (approximately one new module every two weeks). You can watch the video training content  anytime, anywhere. They look as good on an tablet or smartphone as on your computer or even your big screen HDTV.  Each training video offers specific assignments that will help you accomplish your specific goals in the program. 
TOOLS - Each lesson comes with powerful downloadable tools available in PDF and also completely editable Powerpoint formats so you can type right into them and make them your own! You can also open these Powerpoint files in Apple Keynote or Google Presentation. Some of the modules also have Word documents and Excel documents. These tools and templates alone are worth many times the registration fee for this program. They make it easy to implement the strategies and tactics described in the video trainings (above). They can save you dozens or even hundreds of hours marketing and scaling your conscious venture. These templates, checklists and fill-in-the-blank tools will help you create the specific coaching packages and marketing/advertising programs you need to attract the clients you want and increase your income.
WEEKLY SMALL GROUP COACHING  - Brett will have office hours each week where you can bring your questions and get answers and personalized coaching. In this special second pilot, Brett is doing these two times every week (an AM time and a PM time to accommodate world time zones). In these weekly calls Brett will share additional nuance about the the training content in the portal, answer your questions, and offer mentor advice and laser coaching for your specific situation as you work through your assignments. Brett and his team will also be available online in our closed Facebook Group. This is a great way to build relationships with other participants and recieve peer support.
Dates and Details:
  • This is a very hands-on program. We are keeping the cohort size very intimate to give you lots of hands on support and so we can refine and enhance the program as we go according to your needs and your feedback. 
  • The program is 12 weeks long with a combination of self-paced learning (videos and worksheets) along with group coaching calls (offered twice a week AM and PM to accommodate all time zones).
  • You will have 24/7 access to our Mentor Program Learning Portal (full of videos, tools and templates). You will receive specific weekly assignments and concrete step-by-step tools and templates to help you make consistent progress during the 12-week program 
  • You will also have 24/7 access to an online discussion forum in the form of a closed Facebook group where you can go anytime to ask questions, get support and guidance from Brett and his staff, and connect with other participants in the program  
Regular Price of Program $1995 
Plus $750 in Bonuses (below)
Limited time price
Receive these additional EXCEPTIONAL BONUSES when you
register for the Conscious Change Agent Mentor Program:
Brett is Offering a One-on-One Private 
Transformational Coaching Session 
*Expanded to include all 30 paying participants
Private One-on-One Coaching Session with Brett Thomas
Meet with Brett personally and share your goals and what has slowed or stopped you in the past. He will help you zero in on the greatest mindset shift and transformational action or project that will help you have a massive breakthrough in your business in 2016. This is the first time we have offered Brett's 1:1 time as a bonus as his schedule is limited. Brett's typical 1:1 coaching rate ranges from $200-500 per hour. 
VALUE $250+
Everyone Gets $950 in 
Additional Bonus Trainings:
Integral Leadership Training Library - Never Before Published
This is a very special bonus for this pilot of the Conscious Change Agent Mentor Program. Brett and his colleagues at Integral Institute and the Stagen Leadership Academy invested literally millions of dollars into developing cutting-edge frameworks and tools to rapidly teach integral leadership skills and accelerate the development of leaders and team members. Brett is providing his best leadership and developmental training content, frameworks and specific tactics and tools to the 30 charter members in this pilot program! If you are a leader, an organizational consultant, or work with (or want to work with) businesses, then this single bonus will be worth more than the cost of the whole program for you. 
VALUE $500
Designing and Optimizing Your Relationship Funnels 
We refer to marketing funnels / sales funnels as "Relationship Funnels." In this module, you will learn the crucial principles needed to design and optimize these funnels with multiple levels of nested compelling offers. Well-designed relationship funnels are an essential element in a small business growth plan.  
Developing Your 1, 3 and 5-Year Conscious Venture Growth Plan
Get clear on the crucial elements of your Growth Plan---your specific goals and the tactics---to ensure your success with your venture or project. Includes multiple strategic planning tools that bring clarity and inspiration while saving you hours of time. 
Change Agent Strategies for LinkedIn and Facebook
Learn to weave your advocacy and change leadership in with your conscious venture and your your offers for clients and customers. You will learn specific strategies for Facebook and LinkedIn to help you grow your tribe, connect with more supporters, followers and also customers for your products/services. 
For Coaches: Conscious Coach Success 3-hour Training
This bonus is especially for coaches. In this three hour training, Brett gives a "crash course" in the coaching practice growth strategies that he and his many coach clients have used to build a full practice and then scale that out to reach and help more people, and to earn a high income as a coach.
Conscious Product Launch Blueprint
In this bonus training you will deepen your understanding of conscious marketing principles and learn the six specific components of a conscious marketing campaign using online marketing techniques (a.k.a. “product launch”). We look at a case study example to help illustrate the methods.
Taking Action and Getting Results Consistently and Powerfully
This bonus class focuses on the top approaches to improve personal productivity and effectiveness that Brett learned in the corporate world. We explore obstacles to taking action and specific tactics we can use to form new habits and make quicker progress toward our goals. 
The Secret Key to Creating Truly Transformational Products and Services
This bonus class focuses on the top approaches to improve personal productivity and effectiveness that Brett learned in the corporate world. We explore obstacles to taking action and specific tactics we can use to form new habits and make quicker progress toward our goals. 
Manifesting Success Using the Strategies and Tactics of the Ultra-Successful
In this very tactical and practical bonus training, we dive deep into execution and productivity skills that are keys to manifesting success. We learn a powerful framework that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs growth their businesses. We explore the thinking, behavior, systems and relationship orientation and practices that can accelerate your ability to manifest success.
How to Fund Your Conscious Startup or the Growth of an Existing Business
In this bonus training you will uncover the truth behind several myths and misconceptions about funding business growth. You will consider your needs and the implications around funding the growth of your business. We explore options – both old and very new – for obtaining needed working and growth capital (and resources) for your business.
Conscious Venture Growth Acceleration Principles & Practices
In this training Brett summarizes the five top strategies that he and his many successful business clients have used to rapidly accelerate the growth and impact of ventures. These apply equally to businesses as non-profits and various other types of causes. This includes how to use the integral model to find leverage, how to use strategic thinking, prioritization and making deliberate trade-offs to optimize your strategy and how to create and execute a strong action plan efficiently and effectively. 

"I highly recommend this program or anyone looking for leading-edge approaches to conscious business fundamentals. Brett and his team bring a synthetic, collaborative, and deliciously fun approach that captures the change spirit of our times. The entire course unfolds as a creative immersion in right livelihood and personal passion. I plan to stay engaged with the Conscious Business Coalition, confident that it will help me envision and build a unique, integrally informed platform for social purpose and cultivation of long-term client and beneficiary relationships."

- Lisa Norton, Integral Consultant, Alkamind Consulting

“The program has legitimized business as an expression of human passions and aspirations, rather than simply a way of generating income.”

- Alf Rock, Integral Consultant, Alkamind Consulting

Your Conscious Change Agent Mentor

Brett Thomas is an transformational coach and teacher specializing in working with conscious ventures. He has more than two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and entrepreneur coach (working with founders and their executive teams). He has logged over 15,000 hours coaching CEOs and the executive teams of small and mid-size companies. 

Brett co-founded the Stagen Leadership Academy (with Rand Stagen) in 1999 to help business become a "force for good." Brett has used his specialized skills in designing "self-actualization systems" and transformational curriculum at several organizations, including the Integral Institute where he served as a senior faculty member. As the director of Integral Institute’s Business and Leadership Center, he collaborated with Ken Wilber and other senior faculty members to design and deliver numerous international conferences and seminars on applied integral theory. 

He recently founded the Conscious Coalition and Conscious Academy  as unique platforms that can support the growing conscious culture movement. Brett and his team put a special emphasis on supporting underserved conscious entrepreneurs in start-ups and small ventures, including coaches, authors, teachers, healers, artists, tech startups (that his Stagen Leadership Academy does not serve). 

These special programs include Conscious Academy programs such as this Conscious Coach Success Program, the Conscious Venture Incubator, the Conscious Venture Accelerator, and soon-to-be-launched Conscious Healer Success Program.
We're here to help empower you to be a successful conscious change agent with maximum positive impact, and to get paid well for the gifts you bring to the world. I hope you will join us!
Brett Thomas and the Conscious Change Agent Mentor Team
P.S. I am so totally confident that you will completely love the training, tools and support this program offers, that I personally back a One-Year, No-Questions-Asked Guarantee. If you register but don't feel that you received a value that exceeds the price you paid, just send me an email within 12 months and I will refund your full registration fee. And, you can keep all the downloads you received!
Limited spots remaining for this specially priced cohort. So if you want to do this, you will need to act fast.  
"Frequently Asked Questions"
1. Are there any prerequisites or requirements?
The only requirement is that you want to grow your coaching practice and have a greater positive impact in the world.  
2. When does it start and how long does it last?
It starts today or as soon as you register because you can start watching the videos, downloading our worksheets, and working on your plans and assignments. You can do this on your own schedule from anywhere (even your iPad or smartphone!). The LIVE EVENT portions of the program runs for 4 months with live mentor teleclasses and Q&A calls with Brett Thomas each month. If you join the optional Implementation Coaching Cohort program you will meet with your group along with a dedicated coach weekly as well.  Remember that even after the 4 months conclude, you will retain access indefinitely to all the training and material in the learning portal (and all the downloadable tools). You can complete the work at your own pace!
3. Is it all online and via MaestroConference?
Yes. Everything happens on our member portal or through our webinar / tele-conferencing platform. So you can participate from basically anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection. We use Gotowebinar for our biweekly mentor calls and we use Zoom for our weekly small group coaching sessions (optional).  
4. Do I need special equipment to participate?
If you have an internet connection (if you’re reading this), you are all set! If you join the optional weekly small-group coaching, we will provide you with the option to connect via your computer (with a headset) or you can dial into the Zoom conference bridge line using your home or mobile phone. 

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